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A red phoenix gryphon bust

Name's TeraDyne, though I go by GallowsGryph pretty much everywhere. I'm a MacOS user, fan of the Simple/Small/Old Web and Small Internet, a writer of sci-fantasy, a tech history enthusiast, and occasionally a visual artist. I prefer using older OSes over newer ones, and older systems like gopher, NNTP, IRC, FTP, and XMPP over more modern (and often buggy) alternatives.

I'm also dragonkin (despite my gryphon form), non-binary, and generally try to be chill, even when I'm stressed out. Pronouns are it/its/they, but I'm not picky and won't mind use of others.

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Productivity Machine: Mid-2009 MacBook Pro (5,4)

Gaming Rig: iBuyPower Pre-Built

Retro Gaming Rig: Dell Inspiron E1505

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